Respite Care

Respite Care

Being a full-time carer can be a physically and mentally challenging experience and over long periods at a time, the emotional strain can take its toll.

Respite Care can provide families with temporary, regular or one-off care support as and when they need it. Respite Care gives families an opportunity to obtain the extra support needed when caring for a loved one, or an opportunity to take some time off or have a short break.

At Invest in Care we provide Respite Care packages tailored to the needs of the family and the individual. We provide a professional and dedicated carer who follow an individual personal support plan in order to provide the highest level of care and support.

A dedicated Respite Carer will provide exactly the same level of care and support that the individual would normally receive. This could involve living in the home with your loved one or attending on a visiting basis – the care is tailored to the needs of the family and individual.

Respite care can either be provided through:

Live-in care – where the carer lives in your house, offering support and company day and night

Visiting care – if you need some extra support for a just a few hours each day or each week